Windows and Patio Doors:

Can I reverse the slide of the sliding patio door?

Yes, you can reverse the slide of a patio door prior to the installation. The instructions to do this are included with every vinyl patio door. This option is not available on the vinyl patio doors with blinds-between-the-glass

Can the lock on a patio door be keyed alike?

Yes, a local locksmith would be able to key your vinyl sliding patio door to match an existing door on your home.

Why do old windows even need to be replaced?

There are several factors to be considered. Energy loss: Perhaps 25 per cent of your energy bill is lost through windows. A 3’X5′ window with a 1/16″ gap around the sashes is like having a hole the size of a brick.

Condensation: Energy-efficient windows stay warmer on the interior surface, so humidity can be raised without getting moisture on windows, which can eventually damage walls. Less condensation also helps reduce growth of mould.

Air quality: Tight windows keep out dust, bugs, pollen and sound – so the indoor environment is healthier.

Why is it important to plumb, level and square the patio door?

It is important to plumb, level and square your product so the unit operates correctly. If the unit is not installed properly, it could jeopardize the functionality and performance of the unit.

Why should I choose vinyl?

Vinyl is a relative newcomer but gaining rapidly through advances in energy efficiency, strength and versatility. Vinyl is resistant to moisture, doesn’t need painting and has a very good insulating value. Wood windows have similar insulating value but they will warp and rot if not painted, resulting in poor efficiency. Vinyl is an attractive low-maintenance option for renovators and homeowners.

Eavestrough and Gutter Clean System:

Can installation of Alu-Rex products leads to leaks in my roof?

No. The Alu-Rex eavestrough fastening system Fixa-Tech and Gutter Clean System leaf guard do not cause any leaks. No shingles are raised and no nails or screws go into the roof during installation. Beware of look-alike products that require you to lift the shingles. These products can lead to leaks. In time, the asphalt shingles dry out and become brittle. It’s never a good idea to lift shingles when installing gutter protections systems, whether they’re nailed in, screwed on, or simply set in place. Also, the manufacturer’s warranty on asphalt shingles is void if the shingles are lifted, peeled away, or modified.

Do wet leaves stick to AluRrex products?

Only temporarily. The Alu-Rex eavestrough cover (Gutter Clean System leaf guard) and the eavestrough fastening system (Fixa-Tech) boast a smooth, perforated surface. Just as they may temporarily stick to the hood of your car, leaves and debris that land on the surface of Alu-Rex eavestrough products dry quickly in the sun. And unlike your car hood, the surface beneath the wet leaves on your eavestrough is perforated so they dry faster!

A little wind is all it takes to sweep away dry leaves and debris:

  • A 10 km/h wind effectively removes wet leaves and about 100 pine needles per linear foot.
  • A 37 km/h wind can remove about an inch (2.5 cm) of pine needles per linear foot.
How do Alu-Rex products stand up to snow?

The Alu-Rex eavestrough fastening system and eavestrough cover significantly reduce the weight of snow on your eavestroughs. Since the snow can’t get into the eavestroughs, the weight they have to carry is limited to that which accumulates on top of Alu-Rex gutter cover. What’s more, the eavestroughs remain fully functional so water from melting snow and ice can drain away freely. Without Alu-Rex eavestrough fastening system or cover, the eavestroughs-already clogged with leaves and debris-fill up with snow and ice, which keeps them from doing their job and draining water away in spring. Plus they have to bear more weight.

What is the maximum weight my eavestrough can support when fastened with the Fixa-Tech system?

The maximum weight your eavestrough can bear with Fixa-Tech eavestrough fastening system is 250 lb. per linear foot (373 kg per linear meter). That’s 50% stronger than with spikes or hangers.

Vinyl Siding:

Do I need to remove my current siding first?

You can do this, but for renovation projects installers typically install over existing siding.

Vinyl siding just comes in white or pastel colours, correct?

Traditionally, this has been the case. However, you’ll find at Van Hoof Siding Place, there is virtually every colour to suit your taste. Come on in and choose the colour that’s right for you!

Will high winds rip off vinyl siding?

Most siding installation is rated for winds of up to 110 mph. However, Crown Select premium vinyl siding supplied by Van Hoof Siding Place is wind tested to 180 mph!