Patio Doors

Canadian-made North Star patio doors

Van Hoof Siding Place carry only Canadian-made North Star patio doors which offer a perfect combination of beauty, security and low-maintenance.

Unlike hinged doors, they glide open and close with ease and take up less space, making them an ideal option when space is tight – and foot traffic is heavy. Custom sizes, transoms and sidelites are also available to complement any style and décor.

Standard features of North Star’s quality patio doors include:

  • Sealed units made with Edgetech Premium Super Spacer® technology
  • Fusion welded sashes
  • Extruded aluminum screen
  • Tempered glass
  • Reinforced sash
  • Heavy-duty weather seal
  • Sloped sill


North Star’s patio doors come in a variety of classic, stylish colors that enhance your home – inside and out. You can also personalize your North Star patio doors with decorative grilles.

Hardware and locks used for North Star’s patio doors are easy to use, secure and come with a lifetime warranty. As well, North Star offers a range of accessory options to ensure a beautiful finished look for your patio doors. Glass options available for North Star’s patio doors include

  • Energy Advantage Low-E glass
  • LoE 366
  • Triple-glazing (available for certain sizes only)
  • Bronze Tint
  • Grey Tint
  • Self-cleaning
  • Argon Gas Filled
  • Krypton Gas Filled

The glass in all North Star doors features extra-thick tempered glass that meets or exceeds industry standards. In terms of performance, all of North Star’s patio doors are built to exceed industry standards for both thermal and structural performance.

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