Vinyl Column Kits

Majestic Columns

Make an architectural statement by adding Majestic Columns to your home. Royal AlumiPro Decorative Columns are a simply stunning way to give your home a quiet dignity or a dramatic majesty. The gently fluted curves of these classic white columns grace your doorways, entranceways and facades with an attractive choice of round or square styles. But don’t be fooled by their good looks: The column, base and cap are made from sturdy, weather-resistant aluminum and are chemically treated to resist corrosion. What’s more, Royal AlumiPro Decorative Columns come complete with a 20-year warranty

Architectural Series Vinyl Column Kits

The Architectural Series Vinyl Column Kits give your home even greater heights of style. These classic white columns, available in Traditional Square or Colonial styles, mount easily onto almost any surface and are certified for 5,000-lbs. of load-bearing strength. Each kit contains all the required skirting and mounting plates for an easy and clean installation… and years of enjoyment.